About Us

Since March 21, 2006 we have used a ten years experience in herbal plants processing in order to take the initial steps of achieving our main goal which is producing natural flavors. To reach this goal, we selected appropriate people, accessed modern scientific sources, advanced facilities of production, laboratorial equipments, and finally we created a logical and powerful relationship between the preceding points. From the beginning, the necessity of organizing R&D unit as a center of innovations, customer’s suggestions and requests gathering center and optimization of productions beside quality control unit was perceived. Therefore these two units as an intermediate factor between production department and sale unit, are in charge of this logical relation. The real place of every product returns to the stability of its high quality. The quality control group has an important role in assuring that, this obligation is possible to be attained. Despite these efforts in registering the name of Johare Team and introducing its products and services, there maybe some mistakes. We are looking forward to receiving your suggestions to improve our product’s quality