The second purpose of Johare Team is, to reach Aromatherapy industry, which its sources are being collected from now on. We seriously follow the development on this field by settlement in Bu-Ali research center (related to medical university of Mashhad). After necessary evaluation and consultation, this is Aromatherapy that has this science to choose, combine and use plant essences in order to cure the back of balance and disharmony in patients. In Aromatherapy different aspects of a person are regarded (such as physical, mental, emotional and social) and these aspects are comprehensible unless they are divided from each other or from environment. Aromatherapy can be applied in different forms such as body massage, compression, bath water-soluble salt, incense, direct breathing and spray. It is hard to describe a fragrance. They are more comprehensible in relation to other words than by analysis. The reflex to familiar smells and those which we have a memory of them can stimulate our natural or chemical feelings. Aromatherapy formulas do not have identical effects on every one since human’s life experiences are different. In some cases bad memories have negative effects on perfumes.

Animal’s Drugs

For long years, animals’ world was different from modern world in view point of fresh and full food.  Regarding to general changes in life in 20th century, animals’ diet changes too. Their treatment replaced by chemical medicines, but according to the statistics of veterinary organization these medicines decrease their long life. At present, veterinarians tend to using plant’s medicines, fresh and uncooked foods. This treatment results in easier breath, more tranquility and at last increasing freshness in animals. As a result of this treatment more healthy protein and dairy products will be produced. So these products can be used with extreme tranquility, without any worry from existence of antibiotics and hormones. We prepare ourselves to step into this way. We pass few experiences in order to examine this new usage of essential oils. Now, we profit from experts in this science and experienced veterinarians beside our experience of essential oils, to succeed in this field, and we will fructify this new branch of our activity in production’s line.